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posts saying white cis males suck


posts saying all men suck


friends reblogging those posts


The last one hit me hard. 

Yeah if you reblog that shit, you’re getting unfollowed because you are no friend of mine. Bye~

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Some videogames have character creators.

And some have character creators.

When it showed editing individual face planes my jaw fucking dropped, and continued to do so. I’m so angry the sites down what is this game?!

Okay, I did some digging. It’s Black Desert by Pearl Abyss and it’s a sandbox-oriented MMORPG. This is the official Korean site. (The broken site in the youtube video was an English fan site.) There’s a page on wikipedia for it and I also found another site that seems to be tracking the game. http://www.blackdeserthq.com/

Personally, I hope they make a customization only version where you can save and stock characters for reference, but I’d probably buy both just looking at how gorgeous the world looks.
(Open image in new tab for bigger versions.)






I will spend HOURS on it oh joy

these graphics are gonna destroy my computer

i can’t wait

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People on mvm are so fucking rude.

Like I was in this game where we were two rounds in, and this guy comes in and takes medic, and we already had a medic. But he said he’s better and demanded that our med changes class to fucking demo. Couldn’t fucking kick the guy either cause half of the team wet their fucking pants with piss and sperm combined when they saw the dude’s tour numbers, and supported that our current med changes class (two rounds in with no fucing refund).

You know what? That guy probably was better, he had 70+ tours and our med was average. But the guy was a fucking asshole and our medic had to leave the game because of him. Like what, a high tour number gains motherfuckers like this one special treatment? I can’t fucking stand people like these. I had this happen to me too; I was a medic, some asshole came in and told me to change and that he was better. I’m decent. He was fucking awful. I let him have it because I’m way too fucking nice sometimes, in retrospect I should’ve told him to fuck off. 

It’s not only people fighting over classes. People in MVM mann up mode seem to be a bunch of assholes in general. It’s just… These people take this game way too seriously. I get losing is frustrating. I really do. Sometimes the team is fucking awful and you can’t help but get legitimately angry. So leave. Or kick. But try to chill the fuck out, people! Have fun, let others have fun. Don’t be assholes. 

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there’s a rip off of bee movie called plan bee and this is what the characters look like and I am no longer afraid to die


there’s a rip off of bee movie called plan bee and this is what the characters look like and I am no longer afraid to die

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Listen, vanilla ice.
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i associate everyone with their icon so if your icon is nicholas cage with a flower crown then that is what you look like in my head